Product Overview

Why Storm shutters are needed

Shutters are an important part of a hurricane or storm resistant home. They provide protection for glass doors and windows against windborne debris. Keeping your home or office intact during a windstorm is vital to the structural integrity. If the building is breached, sudden pressurization of the interior can cause major structural damage and will lead to significant interior and contents damage from wind-driven rain.

Design Styles

We offer custom made shutters in these styles:

  • Fixed Louver
  • Fixed Louver with false tilt rods
  • Fixed Louver with raised panels
  • Raised Panel
  • Board & Batten
  • Bahamas

Custom Sizing and Custom Shutters

Because we are the manufacturer, we custom build every shutter based on the actual size of your windows. Our craftsman hand assemble every shutter order from components made at our Dutcher Shutter facility. We offer several exterior shutter options including custom thickness of the panels, louver sizes, and frame layouts. Bahama shutters can be made using operable louvers and you can customize a fixed louver shutter with a raised panel. Please refer to our photo gallery for a look at just some of what we can create. We also provide a historic, reproduction service or we can work from your drawings.

How we do it

We start by using only select, clear, kiln drried Spanish cedar which has one of the highest classifications for resistance to rot, decay, fungus and insects. An interesting fact about Spanish cedar is that it is not a cedar tree at all. It is in the mahogany family, a hardwood tree, and has been appreciated since ancient times, even being used to make canoes by the Amazon Indians. We consider Spanish cedar to be the one of the best exterior woods for our unique climate here on the gulf coast. We can also build shutters out of Sinker Cypress if the historical value is important on your gulf coast home.


All of our fixed louvered and raised panel shutters are 1 3/8” thick. That is as thick as your interior doors. The louvers are 3/8” thick and are placed in ½” deep routed grooves in the stiles. We dowel the joints using two 2” x ½” dowels, and glue those using Titebond 3 waterproof glue and then we use 4” deck screws at the joints for added durability. Our raised panels have a panel on both sides of the shutters, not usually seen in this design. Beautiful, opened or closed!

Our Board & Batten shutters have 7/8” thick boards with “V” grooves and 7/8” thick Battens. The Battens are attached to the boards using Titebond 3 glue and Two 1 ¼” deck screws per Board.

The Bahamas are manufactured the same as the fixed louvered panels but are 1 5/8” thick so that the louvers can be angled at 45 degrees for maximum light and visibility.


Proper surface preparation insures a beautiful and long lasting finish for your shutters. All of our shutters are sprayed first with a quality oil based millwork primer containing tannin blockers,and then we give the primed shutter a light sanding prior to spraying on two coats of Sherwin Williams Resiience exterior paint. It has exceptional moisture resistance and flows and levels for a smooth and uniform finish. When it comes to painting your shutters we offer a full spectrum of colors to choose from. If you have already made the decision all you need to do is provide us with the manufacturer name and paint code number, we will take it from there. If there is a color you love but your not sure of the name, just provide us with a color sample and we will use a pigment matching process to match it. If you prefer the stained look of wood instead, that’s no problem. We can apply two coats of a semi-transparent stain, so you can see the natural grains and colors of the spanish cedar.

Hinges & Hardware

We offer many types of hinges but care has to be taken to choose the right one for your window opening. Your representative will assist you with the correct application. To keep your shutters open against the house we use a standard shutter dog, (“S” turn) although other hardware options are available. For latching, we use a 8″ slide bolt.


The installation of your shutters is very important. Attachment to the structure of your home is critical to ensure the shutters perform as expected. Your representative will be able to give you information regarding the correct installation for different opening types.

For more details on Dutcher Shutters’ custom products, please contact our product design center at 985-285-2461.

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